1 of 5: Online Personal Branding for Employees.

Perhaps you may think you don’t need to create an online personal brand since you like your job or you work for a very reputed organization. Right? I beg your pardon, you think you are invincible?

Right now, even though the Indian economy is in (so called) booming state; I strongly suggest you all to start using ‘’Social Media Tools’’ to share your ideas and earn yourself a brand equity in the market of your choice / passion.

What if suddenly you’re out of work and all you have to show is a resume?  Earning Brand Equity online is the same thing as living and breathing your resume every second that you are working. What to do –  tweets, comment on Facebook and most recent blog post! That’s your ever-floating resume available 24by7 to all industries of your choice. This is the perfect way you can show your talent / announce the world your ideas and opinions; which will essentially make you UNIQUE.


Think about how different your situation would look if you got laid off but had been keeping up your online personal brand and become well established as a hot commodity. In just 20 minutes or less (no exaggeration) you can update on your blog post, then send out a tweet and a status update on Facebook about your situation. Immediately every manager in the industry would know you looking for a job and since they are already familiar with your brand equity, they will think – how can I get this person onboard here? A passionate entrepreneur cherry-picking top talent to build a whole new kind of Investment Company – would be dumb not to hire you.

Start building a strong online presence using Social Media Tools professional way with no extra cost. It works. It SURELY works.

Abhay Ulhas Patil,

Promoting  Netpreneurship (Internet Business Entrepreneurship) in India,

Mob: +91 9049986163


Email: abhay.patil@netpreneur.co.in

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